How to keep animals out of your car engine

## Keeping Animals Out of Your Car Engine

Animals can be attracted to your car engine for a variety of reasons, including the warmth, the sound, and the shelter it provides. However, having animals in your engine can be dangerous for both the animal and your car. Animals can chew on wires, causing electrical problems, and they can also get stuck in the engine and overheat.

There are a few things you can do to keep animals out of your car engine:

### Park your car in a garage or covered area if possible. This will help to keep animals away from your car and make it less likely that they will get into the engine.

### If you must park your car outside, try to park it in a well-lit area. Animals are less likely to approach a car that is in a well-lit area.

### Keep your car clean. Animals are attracted to food and other debris, so keeping your car clean will help to deter them.

### Do not leave food or other items that could attract animals in your car. This includes food wrappers, pet food, and trash.

### Seal any holes or cracks in your car’s exterior. Animals can use these openings to get into your engine.

### Install a motion-activated deterrent device. These devices emit a high-pitched sound when they detect motion, which can scare away animals.

### Use mothballs. Mothballs are a natural deterrent for animals. Place a few mothballs in a mesh bag and hang it in your engine compartment.

### If you find an animal in your car engine, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Call animal control or a mechanic for assistance.

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In addition to the above tips, there are a few other things you can do to make your car less attractive to animals:

### Avoid using scented air fresheners. Animals are attracted to strong scents, so using scented air fresheners can make your car more appealing to them.

### Do not leave your car running unattended. Animals are more likely to approach a car that is running because they are attracted to the warmth.

### Keep your car doors and windows closed when you are not in it. This will help to prevent animals from getting into your car.

By following these tips, you can help to keep animals out of your car engine and protect your car from damage.

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