A full set 20 staggered wheels and tires set 5×120

Full Set: 20 Staggered Wheels and Tires – 5×120

Enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics and performance with a complete set of 20 staggered wheels and tires meticulously designed to elevate your driving experience.


Wheel Size: 20 inches
Bolt Pattern: 5×120
Offset: Front: ET35, Rear: ET45
Width: Front: 9 inches, Rear: 10.5 inches
Tire Size: Front: 245/35R20, Rear: 275/30R20
Tire Type: High-performance summer tires
Finish: Gloss black

Stance and Handling

Staggered wheels provide a wider stance at the rear, resulting in improved traction, stability, and handling, particularly when cornering or accelerating.

Aesthetic Appeal

The combination of the 20-inch diameter and the glossy black finish gives your vehicle a sleek, aggressive, and sporty appearance.

Wheel Details

Forged aluminum construction for lightweight and durability
10-spoke design with an intricate web pattern
Concave profile for a modern and sporty touch
Concealed valve stem for a clean and seamless appearance

Tire Details

High-performance summer tires designed for exceptional grip and handling
Asymmetric tread pattern for optimal traction in dry and wet conditions
Low rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency
Run-flat capability for added safety in the event of a puncture


Improved Handling and Stability: The staggered wheel setup and high-performance tires enhance your vehicle’s performance, providing you with a more confident and precise driving experience.
Enhanced Aesthetics: The 20-inch staggered wheels and gloss black finish elevate your vehicle’s visual appeal, making it stand out from the crowd.
Versatile Compatibility: The 5×120 bolt pattern makes these wheels compatible with a wide range of vehicles.
Complete Set: The full set of 20 staggered wheels and tires eliminates the hassle of mixing and matching different components, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.
Quality and Durability: The forged aluminum wheels and high-performance tires are built to last, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

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Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper fitment and alignment.


This full set of 20 staggered wheels and tires is compatible with vehicles that have a 5×120 bolt pattern, including popular models from:


Package Contents

4x 20-inch Gloss Black Forged Aluminum Wheels
4x 245/35R20 High-Performance Summer Tires (Front)
4x 275/30R20 High-Performance Summer Tires (Rear)

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Upgrade your vehicle’s style and performance with this complete set of 20 staggered wheels and tires. Order today and experience the difference that premium wheels and tires can make.

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