Does walmart align tires and wheels

## Comprehensive Guide to Walmart Tire and Wheel Alignment Services

### Introduction

Walmart offers a range of automotive maintenance services, including tire and wheel alignment. Proper wheel alignment ensures optimal vehicle performance, handling, and safety. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Walmart’s tire and wheel alignment services, including available options, pricing, and the process involved.

### What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment refers to the precise adjustment of the angles of a vehicle’s tires to ensure proper contact with the road. Correct wheel alignment optimizes:

– Tire wear and longevity
– Fuel efficiency
– Handling and stability
– Steering response
– Reduced maintenance costs

### How Often Should I Get My Wheels Aligned?

Regular wheel alignments are essential for maintaining optimal vehicle performance and safety. It is generally recommended to get your wheels aligned:

– Every 6,000 miles
– After hitting a pothole or curb
– If you notice uneven tire wear or excessive vibration
– Before or after major suspension work (e.g., new tires, shocks)

### Walmart Tire and Wheel Alignment Services

Walmart offers two main tire and wheel alignment services:

#### 1. Standard Alignment

– Includes alignment of all four wheels
– Checks and adjusts:
– Camber
– Caster
– Toe-in
– Toe-out
– Uses advanced alignment equipment for precise measurements and adjustments
– Ensures proper tire-to-road contact for enhanced performance and handling

#### 2. Advanced Alignment

– Includes all the features of standard alignment, plus:
– Laser-guided measurements for exceptional accuracy
– Correction of additional alignment parameters, such as steering axis inclination and thrust angle
– Ideal for vehicles with performance modifications, lifted suspensions, or special alignment requirements

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### Pricing

The cost of tire and wheel alignment services at Walmart varies depending on the type of service selected and the vehicle’s specific requirements. Here are approximate price ranges:

– Standard Alignment: $69-$99
– Advanced Alignment: $99-$129

It is advisable to contact your local Walmart store for exact pricing and availability.

### Process

The process of getting your wheels aligned at Walmart typically involves the following steps:

1. Inspection: The technician will inspect your vehicle’s tires for uneven wear or damage.
2. Measurement: Advanced alignment equipment is used to measure the current alignment angles of your wheels.
3. Adjustment: The technician will adjust the alignment angles using specialized tools to ensure the wheels align perfectly with the road.
4. Verification: A final measurement is performed to verify that the alignment has been corrected to specifications.

### Benefits of Walmart Tire and Wheel Alignment Services

– Convenience: Walmart stores are widely accessible, making it easy to schedule an alignment appointment.
– Affordability: Walmart offers competitive rates for tire and wheel alignment services.
– Expertise: Walmart technicians are trained and certified to provide professional alignment services.
– Warranty: Walmart provides a lifetime alignment warranty on most vehicles, giving you peace of mind.

### Additional Services Offered

In addition to tire and wheel alignment, Walmart also offers the following automotive services:

– Tire rotation
– Tire repair
– Tire replacement
– Oil changes
– Battery replacement
– Brake services
– Suspension work

### Conclusion

Proper wheel alignment is crucial for maximizing vehicle performance, safety, and tire life. Walmart provides reliable and affordable tire and wheel alignment services, with a range of options to suit different vehicle needs. By regularly aligning your wheels at Walmart, you can ensure optimal handling, reduced maintenance costs, and a safe driving experience.

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