How.much to powder coat wheels at amercian wheels

## Powder Coating Wheels: A Comprehensive Guide to Pricing and Process

### Introduction

Powder coating is a cost-effective and durable method of coating metal surfaces, including wheels. It involves applying a dry powder to the surface, which is then melted and fused to create a protective layer. This process offers several advantages over traditional liquid painting, such as superior resistance to chipping, scratching, and fading.

In this article, we will delve into the factors that influence the cost of powder coating wheels at American Wheels and Tires and provide a detailed overview of the process itself.

### Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of powder coating wheels can vary depending on several factors, including:

– Wheel size: Larger wheels require more powder and labor, resulting in a higher cost.
– Number of wheels: Coating multiple wheels at once can often lead to a discounted rate per wheel.
– Wheel condition: Wheels that require additional preparation, such as cleaning or sanding, may incur additional charges.
– Powder color: Some colors, particularly those requiring multiple coats or specialized finishes, may have a higher cost.
– Additional services: Options such as bead blasting, clear coating, and logo etching can add to the overall cost.

### Pricing at American Wheels and Tires

American Wheels and Tires offers competitive pricing for powder coating services. The following table provides an estimate of the cost for powder coating a set of four wheels:

| Wheel Size | Base Price |
| 15″ or smaller | $250-$350 |
| 16″ to 18″ | $350-$450 |
| 19″ to 20″ | $450-$550 |
| 21″ or larger | $550-$650 |

### Process Overview

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The powder coating process at American Wheels and Tires typically involves the following steps:

– Wheel Preparation: The wheels are thoroughly cleaned and sanded to remove any dirt, debris, or old coatings. This step is crucial for ensuring proper adhesion of the powder coat.

– Bead Blasting (Optional): If desired, the wheels can be bead blasted to create a roughened surface that enhances the powder’s bond to the metal.

– Powder Application: The wheels are suspended in a spray booth and the dry powder is electrostatically charged and applied to the surface. This process ensures even coverage and minimal waste.

– Curing: The wheels are moved to an oven, where they are heated to a specific temperature for a specified duration. This step melts and fuses the powder into a durable, protective layer.

– Clear Coating (Optional): A clear powder coat can be applied as a topcoat to provide additional protection and enhance the appearance of the wheels.

– Cooling and Inspection: Once cured, the wheels are allowed to cool and are thoroughly inspected to ensure a high-quality finish.

### Benefits of Powder Coating

In addition to its durability and cost-effectiveness, powder coating offers several other benefits, including:

– Environmental friendliness: Powder coating is a low-VOC (volatile organic compound) process, making it an environmentally sustainable option.
– Wide color selection: American Wheels and Tires offers a wide range of powder coat colors, allowing you to customize the look of your wheels to match your vehicle or personal style.
– Resistance to rust and corrosion: The protective layer created by powder coating effectively prevents rust and corrosion, protecting your wheels from damage.
– Long-lasting finish: With proper care and maintenance, powder coated wheels can retain their appearance and durability for many years.

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### Conclusion

Powder coating wheels at American Wheels and Tires offers a cost-effective and durable solution for enhancing the appearance and protecting your investments. By understanding the factors that influence cost and the process involved, you can make an informed decision about this valuable service.

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