Is mecedes wheel and tire protection transferable

## Mercedes-Benz Wheel and Tire Protection Plan: Transferability

### Overview

The Mercedes-Benz Wheel and Tire Protection Plan (WTPP) is an optional coverage plan that provides repair or replacement for damaged wheels and tires. The plan is designed to protect against costly repairs or replacements due to common road hazards, such as potholes, nails, and curb damage.

### Transferability

The Mercedes-Benz WTPP is not transferable between vehicles or owners. This means that if you sell or trade in your Mercedes-Benz, the WTPP will not be transferred to the new owner.

### Reasons for Non-Transferability

There are several reasons why the Mercedes-Benz WTPP is not transferable:

Vehicle-Specific Coverage: The WTPP is tailored to the specific make, model, and trim level of your Mercedes-Benz. The plan includes coverage for specific wheel and tire sizes and types, which may not be compatible with other vehicles.
Mileage and Condition: The WTPP provides coverage based on the mileage and condition of your tires and wheels at the time the plan is purchased. The plan does not cover pre-existing damage or damage that occurs after the plan expires.
Insurance Considerations: The WTPP is considered an additional insurance policy that is tied to your specific Mercedes-Benz. Insurance policies are typically non-transferable, as they are designed to cover the policyholder and the insured vehicle.

### Consequences of Non-Transferability

If you sell or trade in your Mercedes-Benz while the WTPP is still in effect, the plan will be terminated and the remaining coverage will not be transferred to the new owner. This means that the new owner will not have coverage for any damage to the wheels or tires that occurs after the sale or trade-in.

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### Important Note

It is important to consult your Mercedes-Benz dealership for the most up-to-date information on the transferability of the WTPP. The terms and conditions of the plan may vary slightly depending on the state or country in which the plan is purchased.

### Conclusion

The Mercedes-Benz WTPP is a valuable coverage plan that can help protect your investment in your vehicle’s wheels and tires. However, it is important to remember that the plan is not transferable, and any remaining coverage will be terminated if you sell or trade in your Mercedes-Benz.

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