What does honda wheel and tire protection cover

## Honda Wheel and Tire Protection: Comprehensive Coverage for Your Ride

### Overview

Honda Wheel and Tire Protection (WTP) is a comprehensive coverage plan designed to protect your Honda vehicle’s wheels and tires from costly repairs or replacements due to damage caused by everyday driving conditions. This plan provides peace of mind and reduces the financial burden associated with unexpected wheel and tire expenses.

### Coverage Details

Honda WTP covers a wide range of wheel and tire damages, including:

– Curb Rash: Damage to the wheel surface caused by contact with curbs or other road obstacles
– Pothole Damage: Warping or bending of wheels and deformation of tires due to impact on potholes
– Ballooning: Irregular tire shape resulting from a sudden loss of air pressure
– Punctures: Flat tires caused by nails, screws, or other sharp objects
– Sidewall Damage: Tears or punctures on the tire sidewalls due to impacts or road hazards

### Exclusions

While Honda WTP provides extensive coverage, there are a few notable exclusions:

– Pre-Existing Damage: Damages that occurred before the coverage was purchased
– Negligent or Intentional Damage: Damage resulting from reckless driving, racing, or deliberate acts
– Wear and Tear: Damages caused by normal wear and tear
– Cosmetic Damage: Damage that does not affect the functionality of the wheel or tire
– Non-Honda Parts: Damages to wheels or tires not purchased from Honda dealerships

### Benefits of Honda Wheel and Tire Protection

– Peace of Mind: Enjoy the assurance that unexpected wheel and tire expenses will not burden your budget.
– Comprehensive Coverage: Protect your wheels and tires from a wide range of damages, including curb rash, pothole damage, and punctures.
– Reduced Financial Impact: Cover the high costs associated with tire and wheel repairs or replacements, saving you significant expenses.
– Convenient Repair Process: Authorized Honda dealers handle all repairs, ensuring quality workmanship and ease of service.

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### How to Purchase Honda Wheel and Tire Protection

Honda WTP is available for purchase at the time of vehicle purchase or within 12 months of ownership. The coverage can be added to your vehicle financing plan or paid for upfront.

Steps to Purchase:

1. Visit your local Honda dealership
2. Ask about Honda Wheel and Tire Protection
3. Provide your vehicle information
4. Choose the coverage plan that best meets your needs
5. Sign the coverage contract

### Coverage Term

Honda WTP provides coverage for the duration of your vehicle’s bumper-to-bumper warranty, typically lasting 3 years/36,000 miles. This ensures continuous protection for your wheels and tires during the initial ownership period.

### Deductible and Coverage Limits

– Standard Deductible: $50 per repair
– Coverage Limit: Up to $3,000 per wheel and tire repair or replacement

### Additional Coverage Options

Besides the standard WTP plan, Honda also offers additional coverage options to enhance your protection:

– Alloy Wheel Protection: Covers damage to factory-installed alloy wheels
– Rim Protection: Extends coverage to the wheel rims, ensuring protection against curb rash and other impacts
– TPMS Coverage: Includes coverage for Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors, protecting against damage or loss

### Conclusion

Honda Wheel and Tire Protection is an essential coverage plan for Honda vehicle owners who prioritize the safety and durability of their wheels and tires. Its comprehensive coverage and financial protection reduce the burden of unexpected repair expenses and ensure peace of mind during your driving journey. Consider adding Honda WTP to your vehicle maintenance plan and safeguard your investment.

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