What size tire and wheel will a stock f250 clear

## Determining Tire and Wheel Sizes for a Stock F250

The Ford F250 is a heavy-duty pickup truck available in various trim levels and configurations. When selecting tires and wheels for a stock F250, it’s crucial to consider the following factors:

### Stock Tire and Wheel Specifications

Front Tires:

Size: LT275/65R18
Load Index: E
Speed Rating: S

Rear Tires:

Size: LT275/65R18
Load Index: E
Speed Rating: S


Size: 18×8
Offset: +33mm
Bolt Pattern: 8x170mm

### Clearance Considerations

The stock F250 has ample clearance for the standard tire and wheel sizes. However, installing larger tires or wheels may require modifications or affect vehicle performance.

### Factors to Consider When Upsizing

When considering upsizing tires and wheels, the following factors should be taken into account:

Suspension and Lift Kits: Larger tires require additional clearance, which may necessitate installing a lift kit to raise the suspension.
Increased Weight: Larger tires and wheels add weight to the vehicle, which can impact fuel economy, handling, and braking performance.
Rubbing and Clearance Issues: Ensure the larger tires do not rub against the fenders, suspension, or other vehicle components when turning or going over bumps.
Gear Ratio and Axle Strength: Upsizing tires may require adjusting the gear ratio to maintain optimal performance and prevent excessive strain on the axles.
Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS): Ensure compatibility between the new tires and the TPMS system to avoid triggering false alerts.
Legality: Local regulations and laws may restrict the installation of oversized tires and wheels.

### Recommended Tire and Wheel Sizes for Upsizing

If you wish to upsize the tires and wheels on a stock F250, the following sizes are generally considered acceptable and within the capabilities of the vehicle’s suspension and brakes:

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Up to 35 Inches with Minor Modifications:

Tires: LT315/70R17
Wheels: 17×9
Offset: +25mm

Up to 37 Inches with Moderate Modifications:

Tires: LT37x12.50R17
Wheels: 17×9
Offset: +12mm

Note: These upsized tire and wheel combinations may require minor modifications such as trimming the fenders or installing a small lift kit.

### Tire Load Index and Speed Rating

The load index and speed rating of the tires should be carefully considered when choosing replacements.

Load Index: The load index indicates the maximum load capacity of the tire. Select a tire with a load index equal to or greater than the stock tires.
Speed Rating: The speed rating designates the maximum sustained speed at which the tire is designed to operate. Choose a tire with a speed rating that meets or exceeds the vehicle’s performance capabilities.

### Conclusion

Selecting the appropriate tire and wheel size for a stock F250 depends on the desired level of modification, performance requirements, and legal considerations. Sticking to the stock sizes ensures optimal vehicle performance and maintains the manufacturer’s intended functionality. If upsizing is desired, it’s advisable to consult with an experienced mechanic or off-road specialist to determine the most suitable options and any necessary modifications.

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