What tires and wheels came on a 1966 ford f100

## Tires and Wheels Available on 1966 Ford F-100

The 1966 Ford F-100 pickup truck marked a significant era in automotive history, introducing various configurations and options for drivers. Among these customizations, tires and wheels played a crucial role in enhancing the truck’s performance and aesthetic appeal. This comprehensive guide will delve into the diverse range of tires and wheels offered on the 1966 Ford F-100, providing detailed information on their specifications and suitability for different applications.

### Standard Tire and Wheel Configurations

Upon its release, the 1966 Ford F-100 came equipped with a standard set of tires and wheels designed to meet the demands of everyday driving and light-duty hauling tasks. These included:

– Tires: 7.50-16 Bias-Ply tires
– Wheels: 16-inch steel wheels with a 5-lug pattern

### Optional Tire and Wheel Upgrades

For drivers seeking enhanced performance or a more rugged appearance, Ford offered several optional tire and wheel upgrades:

– Tires:

– 8.25-16 Bias-Ply tires
– 7.50-16 Radial tires
– 9.00-16 Bias-Ply tires

– Wheels:

– 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels
– 17-inch steel wheels with a 5-lug pattern
– 15-inch steel wheels with a 5-lug pattern

### Variations Based on Trim Level

The 1966 Ford F-100 was available in three trim levels: Base, Custom, and Ranger. Each trim level featured unique exterior and interior appointments, including variations in tire and wheel specifications:

– Base: Standard tire and wheel configuration (7.50-16 Bias-Ply tires on 16-inch steel wheels)
– Custom: Optional tire and wheel upgrades available, including 8.25-16 Bias-Ply tires on 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels
– Ranger: Standard tire and wheel configuration (7.50-16 Radial tires on 16-inch steel wheels)

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### Tire Specifications

The tires available on the 1966 Ford F-100 varied in size, construction, and tread patterns. Each tire type offered distinct advantages and was suited to different driving conditions:

– Bias-Ply Tires: Constructed with layers of nylon or rayon cords running diagonally from bead to bead, providing a flexible and comfortable ride but with higher rolling resistance and reduced stability at higher speeds.

– Radial Tires: Featuring layers of steel or polyester cords running perpendicular to the tire’s direction of travel, resulting in lower rolling resistance, improved stability, and increased fuel efficiency.

### Wheel Specifications

The wheels available on the 1966 Ford F-100 differed in material, size, and styling:

– Steel Wheels: Constructed from heavy-duty steel, offering durability and affordability. Available in 16-inch and 17-inch diameters.

– Aluminum Alloy Wheels: Made from a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, providing enhanced strength and reduced unsprung weight. Offered in a 16-inch diameter and exclusive to the Custom trim level.

### Recommended Tire and Wheel Combinations

Ford recommended specific tire and wheel combinations for optimal performance and safety on the 1966 F-100:

– Base and Custom Trim Levels: 7.50-16 Bias-Ply tires on 16-inch steel wheels or 8.25-16 Bias-Ply tires on 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels
– Ranger Trim Level: 7.50-16 Radial tires on 16-inch steel wheels

### Conclusion

The 1966 Ford F-100 offered a wide range of tires and wheels to accommodate various driving needs and preferences. From standard configurations to optional upgrades, Ford ensured that customers could customize their truck to suit their specific requirements. Understanding the specifications and suitability of these tires and wheels is essential for maintaining the performance, safety, and aesthetic appeal of this iconic pickup truck.

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