Where can i get rid of old tires and wheels

## Where to Dispose of Old Tires and Wheels: A Comprehensive Guide


Old tires and wheels are bulky waste items that require proper disposal to prevent environmental contamination and potential health hazards. Improper tire disposal poses a significant environmental threat due to the slow rate of decomposition and the presence of toxic chemicals. This guide provides detailed information on various methods and locations for safely disposing of used tires and wheels.

### Methods of Tire and Wheel Disposal

1. Tire Recycling Centers

Benefits: Most environmentally friendly option.
Process: Tires are broken down into smaller pieces and recycled into new products, such as asphalt, floor mats, and rubber mulch.

2. Municipal Waste Collection Services

Benefits: Convenient and widely accessible.
Process: Tires are typically collected curbside and transported to a landfill or recycling facility. Check with your local waste management company for guidelines and fees.

3. Tire Buy-Back Programs

Benefits: Earn money or store credit for used tires.
Process: Certain retailers and manufacturers offer incentives for customers to recycle their old tires when purchasing new ones.

4. Independent Tire Shops

Benefits: Professional tire disposal and potential recycling options.
Process: Many tire shops offer tire disposal services for a fee, which may include recycling or proper disposal at a landfill.

5. Landfills

Benefits: Accepted at most municipal landfills.
Process: Tires are buried in a designated area within the landfill, but should be disposed of properly to prevent environmental hazards.

### Locations for Tire and Wheel Disposal

1. Tire Recycling Facilities

Website: https://www.tirecouncil.org/find-a-tire-recycler/
Locate a nearby recycling facility: Enter your zip code to find the closest tire recycling center that accepts used tires.

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2. Municipal Waste Collection Services

Website: Contact your local waste management company for information on tire disposal services.
Guidelines and fees: Check with your municipality for specific guidelines and any applicable fees for tire collection and disposal.

3. Tire Buy-Back Programs

Major retailers and manufacturers: Contact retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Goodyear for details on their tire buy-back programs.
Check websites or call customer service: Visit retailer websites or call customer service lines to inquire about buy-back policies and incentives.

4. Independent Tire Shops

Local directory or search engine: Search for tire shops in your area that offer tire disposal services.
Call or visit in person: Contact the tire shop directly or visit their location to inquire about fees and procedures for tire disposal.

5. Landfills

Contact local landfill: Call or visit the landfill’s website to confirm their policies on tire disposal.
Follow landfill guidelines: Ensure that tires are properly disposed of according to the landfill’s guidelines to prevent environmental hazards.

### Additional Considerations

Fees and Charges: Disposal fees may vary depending on the method and location chosen. Contact the disposal facility for specific pricing information.
Environmental Impact: Consider the environmental impact of the disposal method and choose the option that minimizes negative consequences.
Safety Precautions: When handling or transporting used tires, wear appropriate safety gear and follow proper techniques to avoid injuries.
Non-Tire Disposal: Other items, such as wheels, rims, and hubcaps, should be disposed of separately at appropriate recycling or scrap metal facilities.
Illegal Dumping: Avoid illegal dumping of tires by properly disposing of them at authorized locations. Illegal dumping poses significant environmental and health risks and can result in fines or penalties.

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### Conclusion

Proper disposal of old tires and wheels is essential to protect the environment, minimize health hazards, and prevent illegal dumping. By utilizing the available disposal methods and locations outlined in this guide, individuals can contribute to responsible waste management practices and reduce the negative impact of discarded tires on our planet.

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