Will.rubicon tires and wheels fit jeep cherokee

## Will Rubicon Tires and Wheels Fit Jeep Cherokee?

A Comprehensive Guide to Compatibility and Considerations

### Introduction

The Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler Rubicon are two iconic off-road vehicles that share a rugged and capable nature. As off-road enthusiasts seek to enhance their vehicles’ performance, a common question arises: can Rubicon tires and wheels be fitted onto a Jeep Cherokee? This article delves into the compatibility and considerations involved in making this modification.

### Compatibility

The answer to whether Rubicon tires and wheels will fit a Jeep Cherokee is affirmative, but it requires some modifications to ensure proper fitment and functionality. Here’s what you need to know:

Bolt Pattern: Rubicon tires and wheels use a different bolt pattern (5×114.3) than the Jeep Cherokee (5×127). Therefore, an adapter kit (often referred to as “wheel spacers”) is required to convert the Rubicon bolt pattern to fit the Cherokee’s hubs.

Diameter: Rubicon tires are typically larger in diameter than stock Cherokee tires. This can impact the handling, ground clearance, and overall performance of the vehicle.

Backspacing: Backspacing refers to the distance between the wheel’s mounting surface and the rear edge of the rim. Rubicon wheels have a higher backspacing than Cherokee wheels, which can affect the fitment and clearance within the wheel wells.

### Modifications and Considerations

Wheel Spacers: As mentioned earlier, wheel spacers are essential for adapting the Rubicon bolt pattern to the Cherokee hubs. These spacers come in different thicknesses to accommodate the desired wheel width and offset.

Lift Kit: To accommodate larger-diameter Rubicon tires, a lift kit may be necessary to raise the suspension and provide adequate clearance within the wheel wells. The height of the lift kit should be selected based on the intended tire size.

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Backspacing: When selecting Rubicon wheels, it’s important to consider backspacing to ensure clearance with the Cherokee’s suspension components. Higher backspacing wheels will sit further inward towards the vehicle, while lower backspacing wheels will extend further outward.

Calibration: After installing Rubicon tires and wheels, it’s crucial to calibrate the vehicle’s speedometer and tire pressure monitoring system (if equipped) to account for the new tire size and rolling diameter.

### Benefits of Rubicon Tires and Wheels on Jeep Cherokee

Fitting Rubicon tires and wheels on a Jeep Cherokee offers several advantages:

Enhanced Off-Road Performance: Rubicon tires are designed for extreme off-road conditions with aggressive tread patterns that provide superior traction in mud, snow, and rocky terrain.

Larger Tire Size: Larger-diameter tires increase ground clearance, allowing the vehicle to navigate obstacles more easily.

Improved Handling: The wider stance and larger contact patch of Rubicon wheels provide enhanced stability and handling both on and off-road.

### Drawbacks to Consider

Cost: Installing Rubicon tires and wheels is a significant investment that includes the cost of tires, wheels, wheel spacers, lift kit (if necessary), and labor.

Ride Comfort: Larger tires and higher backspacing can affect ride comfort, making the vehicle feel stiffer and less compliant on paved roads.

Fuel Efficiency: Larger tires and wheels can increase rolling resistance, resulting in a slight decrease in fuel efficiency.

### Conclusion

Installing Rubicon tires and wheels on a Jeep Cherokee is possible but requires modifications to ensure proper fitment and functionality. Factors such as bolt pattern, tire size, backspacing, and suspension modifications must be carefully considered. The benefits of enhanced off-road performance and improved handling should be weighed against the costs and potential drawbacks before making a decision.

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