Can torque lite work when car isn’t running

## Torque Lite and Car Engine Operation

### Overview

Torque Lite is a popular Android application that allows users to monitor and diagnose their vehicle’s performance. It uses a Bluetooth OBD-II adapter to connect to the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) and retrieve data from various sensors and systems.

### Torque Lite Functionality When Car Isn’t Running

Limited Functionality:

Torque Lite has limited functionality when the car is not running because it relies on the ECU for data transmission. Without the engine running, the ECU is not receiving or processing data from the vehicle’s systems.

Available Features:

ECU Information: Torque Lite can still access some basic ECU information, such as:
Vehicle identification number (VIN)
Engine type and specifications
Software version

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs): Torque Lite can read and clear DTCs, which are stored error codes indicating potential issues with the vehicle’s systems. However, the DTCs may not be up-to-date since they are not actively being generated when the engine is not running.

### Features Unavailable When Car Isn’t Running

Certain features of Torque Lite are unavailable when the car is not running, including:

Real-time Data Monitoring: Torque Lite cannot display real-time data from sensors and systems, as these are not being monitored or updated when the engine is off.
Fuel Economy Calculations: Torque Lite uses vehicle speed, engine RPM, and fuel consumption data to calculate fuel economy. Since these inputs are not available when the car is not running, fuel economy calculations cannot be performed.
Emissions Monitoring: Torque Lite can monitor emissions-related data, such as oxygen sensor readings and catalytic converter efficiency. However, this data is not available when the engine is not running.
Performance Testing: Torque Lite includes features for performance testing, such as acceleration measurements and quarter-mile time trials. These tests require the engine to be running and the vehicle to be in motion.

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### Troubleshooting and Precautions

Ensure Bluetooth Connection: Check that the Bluetooth OBD-II adapter is properly connected to the vehicle and to the Android device running Torque Lite.
Power Supply: When the car is not running, the OBD-II adapter may draw power from the vehicle’s battery. To avoid draining the battery, it is recommended to unplug the adapter when the vehicle is parked for extended periods.
OBD-II Port Compatibility: Some older vehicles may not have an OBD-II port or may not be compatible with certain OBD-II adapters. Check the vehicle’s documentation or consult with a mechanic to determine compatibility.

### Conclusion

Torque Lite provides limited functionality when the car is not running. It can still access basic ECU information and retrieve DTCs, but it cannot monitor real-time data or perform performance tests. Users should understand these limitations and use Torque Lite accordingly.

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