Does acura have a manual transmission car

## Acura and Manual Transmissions: A Historical Perspective

Acura, the luxury division of Honda, has been producing high-performance vehicles for over three decades. While the brand has primarily focused on automatic transmissions in recent years, it has offered manual transmission options in various models throughout its history.

### Early Days: The Integra and Legend


1985-1993: First-generation Integra offered a 5-speed manual transmission as standard on all trim levels.
1994-2001: Second-generation Integra continued to offer a 5-speed manual on most trim levels, alongside an automatic option.


1986-1990: First-generation Legend featured a 5-speed manual transmission as an option on base models.
1991-1995: Second-generation Legend dropped the manual transmission option.

### The 1990s to 2010s: Expansion and Limited Availability


1990-2005: First-generation Acura NSX was only available with a 6-speed manual transmission.
2016-Present: Second-generation NSX offered a 9-speed dual-clutch transmission, with no manual option.

TL Type-S:

2000-2003: First-generation TL Type-S featured a 6-speed manual transmission as the only transmission option.
2004-2008: Second-generation TL Type-S continued to offer a 6-speed manual alongside an automatic option.
2009-2014: Third-generation TL Type-S discontinued the manual transmission.


2002-2006: The Acura RSX featured a 6-speed manual transmission as standard on the base trim and an option on the Type-S trim.


2004-2008: The first-generation Acura TSX offered a 6-speed manual transmission as an option on select trim levels.


2007-2012: The first-generation Acura RDX offered a 6-speed manual transmission as an option on the base trim.

### Current Lineup and Manual Transmissions

As of 2023, Acura does not offer any models with manual transmissions in its current lineup. All models, including the TLX, RDX, MDX, and Integra, are exclusively equipped with automatic transmissions.

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### Reasons for the Decline of Manual Transmissions

Several factors have contributed to the decline of manual transmissions in Acura vehicles:

Increased Popularity of Automatic Transmissions: Advancements in automatic transmission technology have made them more efficient, responsive, and comfortable to use compared to manual transmissions.
Changing Consumer Preferences: Consumers have gradually shifted towards the convenience and ease of driving with automatic transmissions, especially in higher-priced luxury vehicles.
Emphasis on Performance and Fuel Economy: Acura’s focus on performance and fuel efficiency has led it to adopt modern automatic transmissions that offer optimized gear ratios and quicker shifting times.

### Conclusion

While Acura has offered manual transmission options in the past, the brand has shifted its focus to automatic transmissions in recent years. This decision aligns with changing consumer preferences and the company’s commitment to delivering high-performance, fuel-efficient, and user-friendly vehicles.

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