Does fiat sell manual transmission car

## Fiat’s Current Manual Transmission Offerings

Fiat, an Italian automobile manufacturer, currently offers a limited number of manual transmission cars in its lineup. These cars are primarily aimed towards budget-conscious consumers and driving enthusiasts who prefer a more engaging driving experience.

### Compact Hatchback: Fiat 500

Transmission Type: 5-speed manual
Engine Options: 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
Fuel Economy: 24 mpg city / 33 mpg highway (EPA estimated)
Features: Sporty handling, customizable interior, optional BeatsAudio sound system

### Subcompact Crossover: Fiat 500X

Transmission Type: 6-speed manual
Engine Options: 1.4L MultiAir Turbo, 2.4L Tigershark MultiAir
Fuel Economy: 24 mpg city / 30 mpg highway (EPA estimated)
Features: Elevated ride height, spacious interior, available all-wheel drive

### Compact Sedan: Fiat Tipo

Transmission Type: 5-speed manual
Engine Options: 1.4L Fire, 1.6L MultiJet II
Fuel Economy: 30 mpg city / 41 mpg highway (EPA estimated)
Features: Practical and spacious cabin, fuel-efficient engines, available advanced safety features

### Discontinued Manual Transmission Models

In the past, Fiat offered a wider range of manual transmission cars, including:

Fiat 124 Spider: A roadster that was discontinued in 2020.
Fiat 500 Abarth: A high-performance variant of the 500 hatchback that was discontinued in 2023.
Fiat Panda: A small city car that was discontinued in North America in 2019.
Fiat Punto: A compact hatchback that was discontinued in 2018.

## Reasons for Limited Manual Transmission Offerings

Fiat’s decision to limit its manual transmission offerings is likely due to several factors:

Declining Sales: Manual transmissions have been losing popularity over the past decade, with consumers increasingly opting for the convenience and fuel efficiency of automatic transmissions.
Cost Savings: Automatic transmissions are generally less expensive to manufacture than manual transmissions.
Market Focus: Fiat has shifted its focus towards emerging markets, where automatic transmissions are more popular.
Emissions Regulations: Automatic transmissions can help improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, which is important for meeting increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

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## Future Outlook

It is unlikely that Fiat will expand its manual transmission offerings in the near future. However, enthusiasts can still find used Fiat models with manual transmissions on the market. Additionally, Fiat’s parent company, Stellantis, offers a wider range of manual transmission vehicles from other brands such as Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge.

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