Does lexus make a manual transmission car

## Lexus and Manual Transmissions: A Historical Exploration

Lexus, renowned for its luxury and technological advancements, has consistently offered a wide range of vehicles designed to cater to diverse preferences. However, one notable exception in the Lexus lineup has been the absence of manual transmission options. This article delves into the reasons behind Lexus’s decision and explores the broader context of manual transmissions in the automotive industry.

### Why Doesn’t Lexus Offer Manual Transmissions?

Lexus has consistently maintained that the vast majority of its customers prefer the convenience and ease of automatic transmissions. In addition, the brand’s focus on luxury and refinement has led it to prioritize features that enhance driving comfort and reduce driver fatigue.

1. Customer Preference:

Market research conducted by Lexus has consistently shown that the demand for manual transmissions is minimal among its target audience. Automatic transmissions offer smoother gear changes, reduced driver effort, and better fuel efficiency, making them more appealing to the majority of consumers.

2. Luxury and Refinement:

Lexus is known for producing high-quality vehicles that prioritize passenger comfort and convenience. Manual transmissions can introduce additional noise, vibration, and complexity into the driving experience, which contradicts Lexus’s commitment to delivering a refined driving environment.

### The Decline of Manual Transmissions

Globally, the popularity of manual transmissions has been declining for several decades. This trend is primarily driven by the aforementioned advantages of automatic transmissions and the increasing adoption of advanced driver-assistance technologies.

1. Technological Advancements:

Automatic transmissions have undergone significant technological advancements. Modern automatic transmissions, such as continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) and dual-clutch transmissions (DCTs), offer seamless gear changes, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions. These advancements have made automatic transmissions more efficient and appealing than ever before.

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2. Autonomous Driving:

The advent of autonomous driving technologies is further eroding the demand for manual transmissions. As vehicles become increasingly capable of handling driving tasks independently, the need for manual gear selection diminishes.

### Exceptions to the Rule

Despite Lexus’s general aversion to manual transmissions, there have been a few notable exceptions:

1. Lexus SC 300 (1991-2000):

This sporty coupe was available with a manual transmission option in select markets. The manual transmission was praised for its precision and engagement, adding to the SC 300’s driving dynamics.

2. Lexus IS F (2007-2014):

The high-performance IS F sedan was equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission as standard. However, a six-speed manual transmission was available as an option. The manual transmission option appealed to enthusiasts seeking a more engaging driving experience.

### Conclusion

While Lexus has largely eschewed manual transmissions in its lineup, the brand’s focus on customer preferences and technological advancements has served it well. The vast majority of Lexus customers appreciate the convenience and refinement of automatic transmissions. However, Lexus has shown a willingness to offer manual transmission options in select models to cater to enthusiast drivers.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, it remains to be seen whether manual transmissions will completely disappear from the scene. However, Lexus’s decision to prioritize customer preferences and technological advancements suggests that manual transmissions are unlikely to become a mainstream option in Lexus vehicles in the foreseeable future.

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