What 2021 cars have a manual transmission

## 2021 Cars with Manual Transmissions

In an era of increasing automation and technology, manual transmissions are becoming increasingly rare. However, there are still a number of car enthusiasts who prefer the tactile feedback and control that comes with shifting gears themselves.

If you’re looking for a new car with a manual transmission, here are a few of the models available in 2021:

### Subcompact

Chevrolet Spark
Fiat 500
Hyundai Accent
Kia Rio
Mitsubishi Mirage
Nissan Versa
Toyota Yaris

### Compact

Honda Civic
Hyundai Elantra
Kia Forte
Mini Cooper
Subaru Impreza
Volkswagen Jetta

### Midsize

Honda Accord
Hyundai Sonata
Kia K5
Subaru Legacy
Volkswagen Passat

### Full-Size

Chevrolet Camaro
Dodge Challenger
Ford Mustang
Toyota Supra

### Luxury

BMW 2 Series
Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman

## Why Choose a Manual Transmission?

There are a number of reasons why drivers might choose to opt for a manual transmission over an automatic. These include:

Greater control: Manual transmissions offer drivers more control over their vehicle’s performance, allowing them to tailor their driving experience to the conditions.
Improved fuel economy: In some cases, manual transmissions can help drivers save on fuel costs by allowing them to keep the engine in the most efficient gear.
More engaging driving experience: Manual transmissions can provide a more engaging and enjoyable driving experience, especially for those who enjoy the process of shifting gears and controlling the vehicle’s speed and acceleration.

## Conclusion

If you’re looking for a new car with a manual transmission, there are still a number of options available in 2021. Whether you’re looking for a subcompact, compact, midsize, full-size, or luxury car, you’re sure to find a model that meets your needs.

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