What automatic transmission cars are flat towable

Flat Towable Automatic Transmission Cars

Flat towing, also known as dinghy towing, involves towing a vehicle behind a motorhome or other vehicle with all four wheels on the ground. This towing method is typically used for recreational vehicles, such as passenger cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

Not all automatic transmission vehicles are flat towable. In fact, most modern automatic transmission vehicles cannot be flat towed without causing damage to the transmission. This is because the transmission’s internal components rely on fluid circulation to stay lubricated and cool. When the vehicle is flat towed, the transmission fluid is not properly circulated, which can lead to overheating and damage.

Vehicles That Can Be Flat Towed

There are a few automatic transmission vehicles that can be flat towed without causing damage. These vehicles typically have a specific “flat towing” mode that must be activated before towing. The flat towing mode typically operates the transmission in a neutral state, which allows the wheels to turn freely and prevents damage to the transmission.

Vehicles That Cannot Be Flat Towed

Most modern automatic transmission vehicles cannot be flat towed without causing damage. This includes vehicles with the following types of transmissions:

Continuously variable transmissions (CVTs)
Dual-clutch transmissions (DCTs)
Automated manual transmissions (AMTs)
6-speed and 8-speed automatic transmissions

How to Flat Tow an Automatic Transmission Vehicle

If you have an automatic transmission vehicle that is flat towable, you will need to follow these steps to tow it safely:

1. Put the vehicle in “flat towing” mode. This mode is typically activated by shifting the transmission into neutral and then turning the ignition key to the “accessory” position.
2. Connect the tow bar and safety chains. Make sure the tow bar is securely attached to both vehicles and that the safety chains are properly connected.
3. Tow the vehicle slowly and carefully. Do not exceed the recommended towing speed for your vehicle.
4. Stop and check the transmission fluid level regularly. If the transmission fluid level is low, add fluid as necessary.

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Towing with a Transfer Case

Some four-wheel drive vehicles have a transfer case that allows the driver to select between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. If your vehicle has a transfer case, you will need to put it in “neutral” before towing. This will prevent damage to the transfer case and driveline.

Towing with a Differential

Some vehicles have a differential that allows the wheels on one side of the vehicle to turn at a different speed than the wheels on the other side. This is necessary for cornering. If your vehicle has a differential, you will need to engage a “differential lock” or “limited slip differential” mode before towing. This will prevent the differential from locking up and damaging the driveline.


Flat towing an automatic transmission vehicle can be a safe and convenient way to transport your vehicle. However, it is important to make sure that your vehicle is flat towable and that you follow the proper towing procedures. If you are unsure about whether your vehicle is flat towable, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or a qualified mechanic.

Here is a list of flat towable automatic transmission cars:

MDX (2001-2006)
RDX (2007-2012)
Q5 (2009-2017)
Q7 (2007-2015)
X3 (2004-2010)
X5 (2000-2013)
Enclave (2008-2017)
Lucerne (2006-2011)
Escalade (2002-2014)
SRX (2004-2016)
Equinox (2005-2017)
Traverse (2009-2017)
300 (2005-2010)
Aspen (2007-2009)
Durango (2004-2010)
Ram 1500 (2009-2018)
Edge (2007-2014)
Escape (2008-2012)
Acadia (2007-2017)
Yukon (2007-2014)
CR-V (2002-2011)
Odyssey (2005-2010)
Santa Fe (2007-2012)
Veracruz (2007-2012)
Grand Cherokee (2005-2010)
Wrangler (2003-2006)
Sorento (2003-2010)
Sportage (2005-2010)
GX 460 (2010-2019)
LX 570 (2008-2020)
MKX (2007-2015)
Navigator (2007-2017)
CX-9 (2007-2015)
Tribute (2001-2006)
GL-Class (2007-2012)
M-Class (2006-2011)
Endeavor (2004-2011)
Outlander (2003-2006)
Murano (2003-2007)
Pathfinder (2005-2012)
Bravada (2002-2004)
Prowler (1997-2002)

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