What cars have an aod transmission

## Vehicles Equipped with AOD Transmission

The AOD (Automatic Overdrive) transmission, also known as the A4OD, was a four-speed automatic transmission produced by Ford Motor Company. It was introduced in 1980 and was widely used in Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles for several decades. The following is a list of vehicles that were equipped with the AOD transmission:

### Ford Vehicles

– Bronco (1980-1996)
– Mustang (1980-1993)
– F-Series (1980-1996)
– Econoline (1980-1991)
– Ranger (1983-1997)
– Explorer (1991-1997)
– Windstar (1994-1998)

### Lincoln Vehicles

– Continental (1982-1994)
– Town Car (1980-1997)
– Mark VI (1980-1983)
– Mark VII (1984-1992)

### Mercury Vehicles

– Cougar (1980-1997)
– Marquis (1980-1991)
– Grand Marquis (1983-1997)
– Sable (1986-1995)

## Technical Specifications of the AOD Transmission

The AOD transmission was a four-speed automatic with the following gear ratios:

– First gear: 2.40:1
– Second gear: 1.46:1
– Third gear: 1.00:1
– Fourth gear: 0.67:1

The AOD transmission also featured a lock-up torque converter, which helped to improve fuel efficiency by reducing slippage. The transmission was controlled by an electronic control module (ECM), which monitored various engine and transmission parameters to optimize shift timing and performance.

## Applications and Performance

The AOD transmission was widely used in a variety of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. It was known for its reliability, durability, and smooth shifting. The transmission was also capable of handling high torque and was often used in vehicles with powerful engines.

In addition to its use in passenger cars and light trucks, the AOD transmission was also used in some medium-duty trucks and vans. However, it was eventually replaced by more modern and efficient automatic transmissions, such as the 4R70W and 5R55W.

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## Conclusion

The AOD transmission was a significant advancement in automatic transmission technology when it was introduced in 1980. It provided improved performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability over previous transmissions. The AOD transmission was used in a wide range of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles for several decades and continues to be found in many older vehicles today.

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