What cars use the 4f27e transmission

## Overview of the 4F27E Transmission

The 4F27E is a six-speed automatic transmission manufactured by Ford Motor Company. It was first introduced in 2007 and is used in various Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. This transmission is known for its durability, efficiency, and smooth shifting.

### Applications

The 4F27E transmission is commonly found in the following vehicles:

– Ford:
– Fusion (2007-2012)
– Escape (2008-2012)
– Edge (2007-2010)
– Five Hundred (2005-2007)
– Freestyle (2005-2007)
– Taurus (2008-2012)
– Windstar (2005-2007)
– Lincoln:
– MKX (2007-2010)
– Zephyr (2006-2007)
– Mercury:
– Milan (2006-2011)
– Montego (2005-2007)

### Technical Specifications

The 4F27E transmission has the following technical specifications:

| Characteristic | Specification |
| Type | Six-speed automatic |
| Gears | 6 forward, 1 reverse |
| Final drive ratio | 4.11:1 |
| Capacity | Approximately 7 quarts |
| Fluid type | Mercon LV |

### Features and Benefits

The 4F27E transmission offers several features and benefits, including:

– Durable construction: The 4F27E is designed to withstand high torque and heavy loads, making it suitable for a variety of vehicles.
– Efficient operation: The transmission’s design reduces friction and improves fuel economy.
– Smooth shifting: The 4F27E utilizes advanced shift control algorithms for seamless transitions between gears.
– Electronic control: The transmission is electronically controlled, providing precise and responsive shifting.
– Adaptive learning: The transmission adapts to driving patterns, adjusting shift points to optimize performance.

### Maintenance and Service

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of the 4F27E transmission. The following maintenance tasks are recommended:

– Fluid change: The transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.
– Filter replacement: The transmission filter should be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.
– Pan gasket replacement: The transmission pan gasket should be replaced whenever the pan is removed for service.
– Solenoid cleaning: The transmission solenoids may need to be cleaned periodically to prevent issues with shifting.

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### Common Problems

Like any transmission, the 4F27E can encounter certain problems. Some common issues include:

– Slipping: The transmission may slip or hesitate when shifting, indicating worn clutches or low fluid levels.
– Shifting problems: The transmission may have difficulty shifting between gears or may become stuck in a particular gear.
– Leaking fluid: A leak in the transmission pan or lines can lead to low fluid levels and damage to the transmission.
– Grinding noises: Grinding noises when shifting may indicate worn gears or bearings.
– Shuddering: Shuddering during acceleration or deceleration can be caused by a variety of issues, such as worn clutches or torque converter problems.

### Troubleshooting and Repair

If you experience any problems with the 4F27E transmission, it’s important to have it diagnosed by a qualified technician. Troubleshooting may involve:

– Checking fluid levels: Inspecting the transmission fluid level and condition can help identify leaks or fluid quality issues.
– Scanning for codes: Using a diagnostic scanner can reveal fault codes that indicate the source of the problem.
– Performing a road test: A road test can help technicians replicate the issue and assess the transmission’s performance.

Repairing the 4F27E transmission may involve:

– Replacing worn parts: Replacing worn clutches, gears, or bearings can restore the transmission’s functionality.
– Overhauling the transmission: In severe cases, a complete transmission overhaul may be necessary to address multiple issues.
– Updating software: Firmware updates may be available to address specific problems or improve transmission performance.

### Conclusion

The 4F27E transmission is a reliable and efficient six-speed automatic transmission used in various Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. With proper maintenance and servicing, this transmission can provide years of trouble-free operation. By addressing any issues promptly and seeking professional assistance when needed, you can ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your 4F27E transmission.

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