What cars used 200 4r transmission

## Vehicles That Utilize the 200-4R Transmission

The 200-4R transmission is a four-speed automatic transmission that was produced by General Motors from 1981 to 1993. It was primarily used in rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and it was known for its durability and performance.

### List of Vehicles That Used the 200-4R Transmission:

### Buick

– 1981-1990 Regal
– 1982-1991 Century
– 1984-1987 LeSabre
– 1985-1991 Electra

### Cadillac

– 1981-1985 Seville
– 1982-1993 DeVille
– 1984-1986 Fleetwood Brougham
– 1987-1993 Fleetwood

### Chevrolet

– 1981-1993 Camaro
– 1981-1991 Caprice
– 1982-1993 Monte Carlo
– 1984-1987 Corvette
– 1985-1991 Impala
– 1987-1993 Astro Van
– 1987-1993 Suburban
– 1988-1993 Tahoe

### GMC

– 1982-1993 Jimmy
– 1987-1993 Safari Van
– 1987-1993 Yukon

### Oldsmobile

– 1981-1991 Cutlass Supreme
– 1982-1991 Delta 88
– 1984-1987 Ninety-Eight Regency
– 1985-1991 Fleetwood

### Pontiac

– 1981-1991 Firebird
– 1982-1993 Grand Prix
– 1984-1987 Bonneville
– 1985-1991 Parisienne

### Advantages of the 200-4R Transmission:

– Durability: The 200-4R transmission was known for its longevity and could handle high levels of torque.
– Performance: The transmission provided smooth and quick shifts, making it suitable for both everyday driving and performance applications.
– Efficiency: The 200-4R transmission was relatively efficient compared to other transmissions of its time, resulting in improved fuel economy.
– Versatility: The transmission was used in a wide range of vehicles, from sedans and coupes to SUVs and vans.

### Disadvantages of the 200-4R Transmission:

– Limited Gear Ratios: The transmission only offered four gear ratios, which could limit its performance in certain applications.
– Complexity: The 200-4R transmission was more complex than some other automatic transmissions, making it more expensive to repair and maintain.
– Weight: The transmission was relatively heavy, which could affect the overall performance and fuel economy of the vehicle.
– Obsolescence: The 200-4R transmission has been discontinued, and parts can be difficult to find.

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### Conclusion:

The 200-4R transmission was a reliable and versatile automatic transmission that was used in a wide range of General Motors vehicles. Its durability, performance, and efficiency made it a popular choice for many years. However, its limited gear ratios, complexity, weight, and obsolescence are factors to consider when choosing a transmission for a particular application.

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