Which cars have cvt transmission in australia

## Cars with CVT Transmission in Australia

Continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, offering a smooth and efficient driving experience. Here’s a comprehensive list of cars with CVT transmission available in Australia:

### Passenger Cars

– Toyota Camry
– Toyota Corolla
– Toyota Yaris
– Honda Civic
– Honda Accord
– Mazda3
– Mitsubishi Lancer
– Nissan Sentra
– Volkswagen Golf
– Hyundai Elantra
– Kia Cerato
– Suzuki Swift
– Ford Focus
– Subaru Impreza

### SUVs

– Toyota RAV4
– Toyota C-HR
– Honda CR-V
– Mazda CX-5
– Nissan X-Trail
– Mitsubishi Outlander
– Hyundai Tucson
– Kia Sportage
– Suzuki Vitara
– Volkswagen Tiguan
– Ford Escape
– Subaru XV

### Light Commercial Vehicles

– Toyota HiAce
– Toyota Hiace Van
– Honda Odyssey
– Nissan Navara
– Mitsubishi Triton
– Hyundai iLoad
– Kia Carnival
– Suzuki APV
– Volkswagen Transporter
– Ford Transit Custom

## Benefits of CVT Transmissions

CVTs offer several advantages over traditional automatic transmissions:

– Smooth Operation: CVTs provide seamless gear changes, eliminating the jerking and lurching associated with automatic transmissions.
– Improved Fuel Economy: CVTs maintain the engine in its most efficient operating range, resulting in better fuel consumption.
– Reduced Emissions: By maximizing engine efficiency, CVTs help reduce harmful emissions.
– Simplified Maintenance: CVTs typically require less maintenance than traditional automatic transmissions.
– Increased Drivability: CVTs offer a more responsive and agile driving experience, especially in urban environments.

## Drawbacks of CVT Transmissions

While CVTs offer numerous benefits, they also have some potential drawbacks:

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– Cost: CVTs are generally more expensive than traditional automatic transmissions.
– NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness): CVTs can sometimes generate more noise and vibration than conventional transmissions.
– Limited Towing Capacity: CVTs may not be suitable for vehicles that require high towing capacities.
– Durability: Some older CVT models have had issues with reliability and durability. However, modern CVTs have improved significantly in this regard.

## Conclusion

CVT transmissions offer a range of advantages for Australian drivers, including smooth operation, improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and simplified maintenance. While they may have some drawbacks, modern CVTs have overcome many of the issues associated with earlier models. If you’re considering purchasing a new car, it’s worth considering a vehicle with a CVT transmission to experience the benefits firsthand.

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