Which ford cars have dual clutch transmission

## Ford Cars with Dual-Clutch Transmission

Ford Motor Company has incorporated dual-clutch transmission (DCT) technology into several of its car models to enhance driving performance and fuel efficiency. Here’s a comprehensive list of Ford cars equipped with DCT:

### Focus

Focus ST (2013-2018)
Focus RS (2016-2018)

### Fiesta

Fiesta ST (2014-2019)

### Mustang

Mustang EcoBoost (2015-2022)

### Escape

Escape (2013-2019)

### Fusion

Fusion (2013-2020)

### Taurus

Taurus SHO (2013-2019)

### Transit Connect

Transit Connect (2014-present)

### Benefits of Dual-Clutch Transmission

Dual-clutch transmission offers several advantages over traditional automatic and manual transmissions, including:

– Improved Performance: DCTs provide faster and smoother gear shifts, resulting in better acceleration and handling.
– Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: By reducing shift time and optimizing engine RPM, DCTs contribute to improved fuel economy.
– Reduced Emissions: The efficiency gains of DCTs lead to lower carbon emissions.
– Increased Driving Comfort: DCTs eliminate the need for a clutch pedal, making driving more convenient and less physically demanding.

### Technical Overview of Dual-Clutch Transmission

A dual-clutch transmission consists of two clutches that control odd and even gears separately. This design allows for lightning-fast gear changes without any interruption in power delivery. Here’s a simplified overview of how it works:

– Odd-Numbered Gears: The odd-numbered gears (1, 3, 5) are engaged by the first clutch.
– Even-Numbered Gears: The even-numbered gears (2, 4, 6) are engaged by the second clutch.
– Pre-Selection: As one gear is engaged, the next gear is pre-selected by the other clutch, providing ultra-quick shifts.

### Conclusion

Ford’s integration of dual-clutch transmission technology in select models has significantly improved their driving performance, fuel efficiency, and overall driving experience. From the nimble Focus ST to the powerful Mustang EcoBoost, Ford’s DCT-equipped cars offer enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike a combination of speed, efficiency, and comfort.

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