Who rents automatic transmission cars in ireland

Automatic Transmission Rental Cars in Ireland: A Comprehensive Guide


Ireland, with its picturesque landscapes and charming cities, attracts countless visitors each year. Navigating the Emerald Isle becomes more convenient with an automatic transmission rental car, providing a stress-free and comfortable driving experience. This comprehensive guide will explore the various companies that offer automatic transmission car rentals in Ireland, their pricing, and tips for booking the perfect vehicle.

## Rental Companies Offering Automatic Transmission Cars in Ireland

1. Sixt

Offers a wide selection of automatic transmission cars in all major cities and airports in Ireland.
Provides excellent customer service and flexible rental options.
Known for its premium fleet and competitive pricing.

2. Hertz

Another leading car rental company with a vast network throughout Ireland.
Offers a range of automatic transmission cars to suit different needs and budgets.
Provides convenient airport pickups and drop-offs.

3. Europcar

One of the largest car rental companies in Europe, with a strong presence in Ireland.
Offers a variety of automatic transmission cars, including economy, compact, and mid-size vehicles.
Known for its reliable service and loyalty programs.

4. Budget

A budget-friendly option that provides automatic transmission cars at affordable rates.
Offers a limited range of vehicles compared to larger companies.
Suitable for travelers looking for a basic and cost-effective rental option.

5. Enterprise

Offers a wide selection of automatic transmission cars, including luxury and premium models.
Provides airport and city center locations for convenient rentals.
Known for its competitive pricing and friendly staff.

## Pricing of Automatic Transmission Rental Cars in Ireland

The pricing of automatic transmission rental cars in Ireland varies depending on the rental company, vehicle category, rental duration, and time of year. Generally, the following pricing ranges apply:

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Economy cars: €30-€60 per day
Compact cars: €40-€70 per day
Mid-size cars: €50-€80 per day
Full-size cars: €60-€90 per day
Luxury cars: €100+ per day

Keep in mind that additional fees, such as insurance, fuel charges, and airport surcharges, may apply.

## Tips for Booking an Automatic Transmission Rental Car in Ireland

1. Book in advance: Especially during peak tourist season, it’s recommended to book your rental car well in advance to secure the best rates and availability.
2. Compare prices: Use online booking platforms or contact rental companies directly to compare prices and find the most competitive deals.
3. Read reviews: Before making a decision, read customer reviews to gauge the quality of service and reliability of the rental company.
4. Consider insurance: Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for your rental car to protect against any potential accidents or damages.
5. Check vehicle details: Before picking up your rental car, carefully inspect the vehicle for any existing scratches or dents.
6. Be aware of fuel charges: Many rental companies offer fuel-efficient vehicles, but be aware of additional charges if you need to refill the tank.
7. Return on time: Avoid late return fees by adhering to the agreed-upon drop-off time.
8. Consider amenities: Some rental companies provide additional amenities, such as GPS navigation or child seats, for an extra charge.


Renting an automatic transmission car in Ireland is an excellent option for a comfortable and convenient driving experience. By following these tips and researching the available rental companies, you can secure the best deal on a high-quality rental car. Embrace the charm of Ireland behind the wheel of an automatic transmission vehicle, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the country’s breathtaking scenery and vibrant cities.

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