What size wheels and tires are on a 2007

## Wheel and Tire Specifications for the 2007 Range

### Introduction

Determining the correct wheel and tire specifications is crucial for maintaining the performance and handling of your vehicle. The 2007 Range Rover offers various wheel and tire options, each catering to specific driving conditions and preferences. This article provides comprehensive details on the factory sizes and compatible aftermarket options for your 2007 Range Rover.

### Factory Wheel and Tire Sizes

The 2007 Range Rover came equipped with several factory wheel and tire configurations depending on the trim level and optional packages. Here are the standard sizes:

– SE: 18-inch alloy wheels with 255/60 R18 tires
– HSE: 19-inch alloy wheels with 255/55 R19 tires
– Supercharged: 20-inch alloy wheels with 275/45 R20 tires

### Compatible Aftermarket Options

Beyond the factory offerings, a wide range of aftermarket wheel and tire options is available for the 2007 Range Rover. When considering aftermarket choices, it’s important to ensure compatibility with your vehicle’s specifications and intended use.

Wheel Sizes:

Compatible aftermarket wheel sizes for the 2007 Range Rover range from 18 to 22 inches, providing various aesthetic and performance options. Popular aftermarket wheel sizes include:

– 18-inch wheels: Offer a balance of affordability, comfort, and off-road capability.
– 19-inch wheels: Enhance handling and stability while maintaining a comfortable ride.
– 20-inch wheels: Provide a sportier look and improved handling but may compromise ride comfort.
– 21-inch wheels: Deliver a more aggressive appearance and further enhance handling, but can impact ride quality.
– 22-inch wheels: Offer the most aggressive look and maximum handling but may sacrifice comfort and off-road performance.

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Tire Sizes:

When selecting aftermarket tires, it’s essential to consider the width and aspect ratio in addition to the diameter. Compatible tire sizes for the 2007 Range Rover include:

– 255/60 R18: Original equipment tire size for the SE trim level.
– 255/55 R19: Original equipment tire size for the HSE trim level.
– 275/45 R20: Original equipment tire size for the Supercharged trim level.
– 275/55 R20: Wider and taller tire option for improved off-road performance.
– 285/50 R20: Even wider and taller tire option for aggressive off-road use.
– 295/45 R22: Widest and largest tire size available for the 2007 Range Rover, providing excellent handling and a sporty appearance.

### Factors to Consider When Choosing Wheel and Tire Options

Before selecting aftermarket wheel and tire options, consider the following factors:

Intended Use: Determine whether you primarily drive on-road or off-road. Larger wheels and tires can compromise off-road capability due to reduced ground clearance and traction.

Ride Comfort: Larger wheels and tires can result in a firmer ride, especially when paired with low-profile tires.

Fuel Efficiency: Larger wheels and tires increase rolling resistance, which can slightly impact fuel economy.

Load Capacity: Ensure that the selected wheel and tire combination can support the weight of your vehicle and any additional cargo or passengers.

### Maintenance and Safety Considerations

Proper maintenance is crucial for the longevity and safety of your wheels and tires. Regular inspections, tire rotations, and alignments are recommended to ensure even wear and optimal performance.

– Tire Pressure: Maintain proper tire pressure as specified in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
– Balancing: Wheel balancing prevents vibrations and premature tire wear.
– Alignment: Proper wheel alignment ensures optimal handling, tire life, and fuel efficiency.

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### Conclusion

The 2007 Range Rover offers a range of factory wheel and tire configurations to suit various driving styles and preferences. When considering aftermarket options, it’s crucial to select compatible sizes and consider factors such as intended use, ride comfort, fuel efficiency, and load capacity. Proper maintenance and safety considerations are essential to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your wheels and tires. Whether you’re seeking a more aggressive look, enhanced handling, or improved off-road capability, the right wheel and tire combination can elevate the driving experience of your 2007 Range Rover.

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