What tire and wheel size for lifted 2004 canyon

## Selecting Tire and Wheel Sizes for a Lifted 2004 Canyon

### Factors to Consider

When choosing tire and wheel sizes for a lifted 2004 Canyon, several factors need to be taken into account:

– Lift height: The amount of lift you have installed will determine the maximum tire size that can fit.
– Stock tire size: The stock tire size for a 2004 Canyon is P265/75R16.
– Wheel offset: The wheel offset affects how far the wheels stick out from the fenders. A higher offset will result in the wheels being closer to the body of the truck, while a lower offset will result in the wheels being further out.
– Tire width: The tire width is measured in inches, and it affects the overall width of the truck. Wider tires will provide more traction and flotation, but they can also put more stress on the suspension components.
– Tire height: The tire height is measured in inches, and it affects the overall height of the truck. Taller tires will provide more ground clearance, but they can also affect the speedometer readings and make the truck more top-heavy.

### Recommended Tire and Wheel Sizes

Based on the factors listed above, the following tire and wheel sizes are recommended for a lifted 2004 Canyon:

– Tire size: 285/75R16 or 315/70R17
– Wheel size: 16×8 or 17×9
– Wheel offset: -12 to +18

### Specific Recommendations for Lift Heights

– 3-inch lift: 285/75R16 tires on 16×8 wheels with -12 to +12 offset
– 4-inch lift: 315/70R17 tires on 17×9 wheels with -12 to +18 offset

### Additional Considerations

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– The tires and wheels you choose should be compatible with the lift kit you have installed.
– Larger tires and wheels can put more stress on the suspension components, so it is important to make sure that the suspension is up to the task.
– Installing larger tires and wheels may require modifications to the body of the truck, such as trimming the fenders.
– The speedometer may need to be recalibrated after installing larger tires.

### Conclusion

Choosing the right tire and wheel size for your lifted 2004 Canyon is important for both performance and aesthetics. By considering the factors listed above, you can choose a setup that will provide you with the best possible experience.

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