Will general tires and wheels fit 900 trail

## Compatibility of General Tires and Wheels with 900 Trail

### Introduction

The 900 Trail is a renowned side-by-side vehicle (UTV) manufactured by Polaris. It is known for its rugged capabilities and versatility in tackling various terrains. When it comes to enhancing its performance and style, selecting appropriate tires and wheels is crucial. This article delves into the compatibility of General tires and wheels with the 900 Trail.

### General Tires Overview

General Tire, a subsidiary of Continental, is a widely recognized manufacturer of off-road and all-terrain tires. Their tires are engineered for exceptional durability, traction, and handling on diverse surfaces. General offers a range of tire options suitable for the 900 Trail.

### Compatible General Tire Models

The following General tire models are compatible with the 900 Trail:

– Grabber X3: Designed for extreme off-road use, featuring an aggressive tread pattern, rugged sidewalls, and puncture resistance.
– Grabber AT3: A versatile all-terrain tire, providing a balance of on-road comfort and off-road capability with a moderate tread pattern.
– X-Tour: Engineered for a smooth and quiet on-road experience, while maintaining good traction on light off-road trails.

### Choosing the Right Size

When selecting tires for the 900 Trail, it is essential to choose the correct size to ensure proper fitment and performance. Compatible tire sizes for the 900 Trail include:

– Front: 26×9.00R12, 26×9.00R14
– Rear: 26×11.00R12, 26×11.00R14, 26×12.00R14

### General Wheel Overview

General also produces a line of wheels designed specifically for UTVs. These wheels are engineered to withstand the demands of off-road use while enhancing the vehicle’s aesthetics.

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### Compatible General Wheel Models

The following General wheel models are compatible with the 900 Trail:

– Octane: A lightweight and durable aluminum wheel with a modern design.
– Kraken: A beadlock wheel that provides exceptional grip and stability in challenging terrains.
– Insurgent: A heavy-duty steel wheel with a rugged appearance.

### Choosing the Right Wheel Size

Similar to tires, it is crucial to select the appropriate wheel size for the 900 Trail. Compatible wheel sizes include:

– 12×7
– 14×7
– 14×8

### Installation Considerations

Installing General tires and wheels on the 900 Trail typically requires some modifications. It is recommended to have the tires and wheels installed by a qualified mechanic or technician to ensure proper fitment and performance. Considerations for installation include:

– Lift Kits: If installing larger wheels, a suspension lift kit may be necessary.
– Wheel Spacers: Wheel spacers may be required to accommodate wider wheels.
– Lug Nuts: Ensure that appropriate lug nuts are used for the specific wheel and vehicle combination.
– Alignment: After installation, a wheel alignment is essential to optimize handling and tire wear.

### Benefits of Using General Tires and Wheels

Upgrading the 900 Trail with General tires and wheels can offer several benefits, including:

– Enhanced Traction: Aggressive tread patterns and puncture-resistant sidewalls improve traction on various terrains.
– Improved Handling: Lightweight wheels and optimized suspension can enhance handling and stability.
– Increased Ground Clearance: Larger tires can provide additional ground clearance for tackling obstacles.
– Aggressive Appearance: Upgraded tires and wheels can give the 900 Trail a more aggressive and customized look.

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### Conclusion

General tires and wheels are a compatible and highly regarded choice for enhancing the performance and appearance of Polaris 900 Trail UTVs. Choosing the appropriate tire and wheel combination is essential to ensure proper fitment and maximize off-road capabilities. By considering the factors discussed in this article, you can make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of General tires and wheels on your 900 Trail.

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