How to check a 6l90 torque converter out of car

## How to Check a 6L90 Torque Converter Out of Car

### Tools and Materials:

– 6L90 torque converter
– Torque wrench
– Flathead screwdriver
– Oil pan
– Rags
– Transmission fluid
– Torque converter seal

### Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Safety Precautions

– Park the vehicle on a level surface and engage the parking brake.
– Allow the transmission to cool down before performing any work.

2. Remove the Torque Converter Bolt

– Locate the torque converter bolt in the center of the flexplate.
– Use a 3/8-inch drive torque wrench to loosen the bolt. Do not remove completely.

3. Pry Off the Torque Converter

– Insert a flathead screwdriver into the access hole on the transmission bellhousing.
– Gently pry off the torque converter from the transmission input shaft. It may require some force, but be careful not to damage the converter or the shaft.

4. Inspect the Converter and Shaft

– Check the condition of the torque converter and the transmission input shaft. Look for any signs of damage, such as cracks, leaks, or wear.
– Examine the splines on the input shaft and inside the converter for any damage or excessive wear.

5. Inspect the Seal

– Remove the torque converter seal from the transmission case.
– Inspect the seal for any damage or excessive wear. Replace the seal if necessary.

6. Clean the Parts

– Clean the torque converter, transmission input shaft, and seal using a clean rag and transmission fluid.
– Wipe off any debris or dirt.

7. Install the New Seal

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– Apply a thin layer of transmission fluid to the new seal.
– Press the seal into place on the transmission case, making sure it is seated properly.

8. Install the Converter

– Carefully slide the torque converter onto the transmission input shaft.
– Align the converter splines with the shaft splines and gently push it in until it seats.

9. Tighten the Bolt

– Use a 3/8-inch drive torque wrench to tighten the torque converter bolt.
– Torque the bolt to 65-85 ft-lbs.

10. Inspect for Leaks

– Start the vehicle and allow it to idle for a few minutes.
– Check under the vehicle for any leaks from the torque converter or transmission pan.
– If any leaks are observed, tighten the bolt further or inspect the seal for proper installation.

### Additional Notes:

– It is recommended to replace the torque converter seal whenever you are removing and reinstalling the torque converter.
– If the torque converter or transmission input shaft is damaged, it must be replaced before reinstalling the converter.
– If you are experiencing transmission issues that may be related to the torque converter, it is best to consult with a qualified transmission specialist.

### Troubleshooting:

1. Torque Converter Wobbles

– Check if the torque converter is properly seated on the transmission input shaft.
– Ensure that the torque converter bolt is adequately tightened.
– Inspect the transmission mount and flexplate for damage or excessive wear.

2. Transmission Slipping

– Verify that the transmission fluid level is correct.
– Check if the torque converter seal is installed properly and not leaking.
– Inspect the transmission filter for any debris or blockages.

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3. Vehicle Shudders or Vibrates

– Check for any loose bolts or nuts on the torque converter or transmission.
– Ensure that the flexplate is not warped or cracked.
– Inspect the transmission mount and engine mounts for excessive wear.

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