How many european cars are standard transmission

## Standard Transmission Popularity in European Cars


Standard transmission, also known as manual transmission, has been a staple in the automotive industry for decades. It provides drivers with greater control over their vehicle’s performance, offering a more engaging and responsive driving experience. While automatic transmissions have gained popularity in recent years, standard transmissions remain a preferred choice in Europe.

Prevalence in Europe

According to data from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), approximately 30% of new passenger cars sold in Europe in 2022 were equipped with standard transmissions. This percentage varies across countries, with some nations embracing standard transmissions more than others.

Countries with High Standard Transmission Penetration

Portugal: 60%
Italy: 45%
Czech Republic: 40%
Poland: 38%
Slovakia: 35%

Factors Driving Standard Transmission Popularity

Cost: Standard transmissions are generally less expensive to manufacture than automatic transmissions. This cost savings can be passed on to consumers, making standard transmission vehicles more affordable.

Fuel Efficiency: Standard transmissions allow drivers to optimize gear selection for better fuel efficiency. By choosing the appropriate gear for their driving conditions, drivers can minimize engine speed and reduce fuel consumption.

Driving Experience: Many drivers prefer the tactile feedback and control that comes with a standard transmission. It allows them to feel more connected to their vehicle and engage in the driving experience more actively.

Performance: Standard transmissions provide greater control over acceleration and deceleration. This can be beneficial for performance-oriented drivers who want to maximize their vehicle’s potential.

Environment: Standard transmission vehicles generally emit lower levels of greenhouse gases compared to automatic transmission vehicles. This makes them more environmentally friendly.

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Declining Trend

Despite its continued popularity in Europe, standard transmission has been on a slight decline in recent years. This is due to several factors, including:

Advancements in Automatic Transmission Technology: Automatic transmissions have become more sophisticated and efficient, reducing the performance and fuel economy advantages of standard transmissions.
Convenience and Ease of Use: Automatic transmissions offer convenience and ease of use, especially in urban environments with frequent stop-and-go traffic.
Demographic Changes: Younger drivers are less likely to have learned how to drive with a standard transmission, making automatic transmissions more appealing.

Future Outlook

While standard transmission may continue to decline in popularity over time, it is unlikely to disappear entirely. It will likely remain a preferred choice for drivers who prioritize performance, fuel efficiency, and driving engagement.


Standard transmission remains a popular choice for many European car buyers due to its cost-effectiveness, fuel efficiency, performance benefits, and driving experience. While automatic transmissions may become more common in the future, standard transmissions are likely to continue to have a significant market share in Europe.

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